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Foffer: The Offer Engine!

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Produktivität Shopping
Entwickler Foffer,Inc

Foffer is a new kind of marketplace that combines numerous types of offers into a single, easy to use website. Products, services, jobs, rentals, trades, and more are easy to offer online and locally through Foffer’s Offer Engine. It’s simple and straightforward to post, buy, or claim any of these types of offers!
Offer Anything Easily!

Create any offer, and we’ll only ask you for the essential information for others to understand your offer. Our simple questions help customize the experience of posting it and make sure people interested in what you have to offer can find it.

Wanted Offers vs Other Offers?

Wanted offers are generally posted by someone asking to receive something and listing what they’ll pay for it. Most offers are made by sellers out to make money, so they are already incentivized to work at finding people to buy. No matter what you want, there is someone out there who can provide it. Since you both have to find each other first, the wanted system makes that easy.

Find anything you want; no searching required. Tell us what you want! Once you do that, we go to work on the attention of people who are interested in providing it at your price. The offer engine analyzes what you are asking for and notifies people and companies capable of providing it. Once the right people find your wanted offer, you’ll receive messages on Foffer.

Finding Offers

Type what you’re looking for in the search bar, and use the filters on the top and side of the results to quickly narrow it down. The three most important filters are Offers, Profiles, and Wanted.

Located at the top of the search results, the profile filter shows people and companies on Foffer that match what you’re looking for. Similarly, the offers filter will find offers you can purchase (for a price) or claim (for free), and the wanted filter is useful to see what other people are looking for.

Our discover tool allows users to find what they’re looking for by finding the right category first. Since Foffer allows all types of offers to be posted, it helps to narrow your search by category first. That way, we only show what you need to see. Click on the category of your choice to see matching offers. You can always narrow your search further by using filters beside and on top of the results.

Free to Use

It’s free to post any type of offer, and we plan on keeping it that way. If your offer requires payment from a buyer, you can always choose “cash” at checkout. That way, they can pay you in person.

Sell & Get Paid

If you’d rather receive payments online than offline, every seller has the option to do so. Just connect your Paypal, and we’ll send 90% of the buyer’s funds to your account after delivery of the buyer’s order is confirmed through their review. If we don’t hear anything back at the end of 14 days, we’ll send you the money anyway. Foffer keeps 10% to help to continue improving the experience for everyone.

Make Money with Wanted Offers

When someone posts a wanted offer, they are asking to be approached by the right person who can give them what they need. Search and take a look around at what they want. If you can find someone who can provide it for them, add a modest amount on top of the price you can get it for and resell it. By finding what they couldn’t, you’re providing value and earning a living.